Ben Brandis is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer, living in Germany, who already has plenty of projects under his belt. As a result of his growing clientele, he approached me to create a visual identity that is more in line with his core values and goals. Our aim was to make the visual representation of his work more distinct; to stand out in the well saturated photography and filmmaking industry.


Our first creative session resulted in defining the keywords that were going to be projected onto the identity: optimistic, practical, simple, modern and bold. The identities main colors are yellow/orange, dark grey and plain white. The goal here, was to reflect optimism, as well as being dynamic, while keeping a strong contrast between the individual colors for the identity to remain bold.


Ben Brandis and I created a functional identity that works in print and digital, while reflecting Ben's core values and giving the brand personality and recognisability. The new look not only has put his brand forward in a confident manner amongst his competitors, but also generated more business interest.